FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Carver Global Health Group LLC accepted into Microsoft’s Vertical ISV Partner Program for its ClearRoadmapTM product.

Ashburn, VA – June 11, 2015. ClearRoadmapTM, ( ) a Windows Azure cloud based platform enables innovators, researchers and industry experts to accelerate product development by applying automation and data analytics to the current highly manual data search process – reducing time and cost from hours and days to seconds and minutes.

Microsoft has accepted the ClearRoadmap™ solution and Carver Global Health Group into its Vertical ISV Partner Program (VIPP).   You can come see the ClearRoadmap™ solution at the at Bio International Convention 2015 booth 4807 in the Digital Health Zone .

The medical device industry is anticipated to grow to $302 billion by 2017 and the mHealth industry poised to exceed $49.1 billion by 2020. The regulatory and reimbursement consulting services are projected to be over $8.5 billion.  ClearRoadmapTM leverages Natural Language Processing, Cloud based platforms and contextual based search that sets a new standard for this industry. We do not eliminate the need for consultants, we empower innovators with data and knowledge so they can optimize their consulting engagements. We also enable consultants to deliver faster results to their mHealth, eHealth and medical device clients.

The NLP engine uniquely enables users to search across 15+ context categories within the underlying unstructured documents from over 10 databases. It enables broad as well as detailed searches across FDA medical device regulatory, NIH Clinical Trials and CMS reimbursement. After-all, searching for "bleeding" everywhere in the document is different than "bleeding" as an Indication of Use, which is also different than "bleeding" as a Study Outcome.

The single Search interface across all datasets is accessible globally on tablets, laptops and desktops.  The detailed product information is displayed in a side-by-side Comparison, for market evaluation. Details can be downloaded into Reports with the search criteria documented, and hyperlinks to original document sources. Users can save customized searches as an Alert to receive notifications when changes or new information becomes available.  Users can plan their Idea to Market using step-by-step Pathways which consolidates state legislations, federal regulations, reimbursement policies, technical standards, and business strategy with Best Practices and Helpful Hints.

"We are on a mission to provide mHealth and Medical Device innovators with a ClearRoadmapTM that reduces time and costs spent accessing data for decision making." said Vizma Carver, Founder and CEO.                          

ClearRoadmapTM – is a product of Carver Global Health Group LLC, a privately owned company of seasoned executives with proven track-records pioneering life sciences, healthcare, health information technology, mobile technology, and enterprise information systems.

ClearRoadmap Team