Lessons Learned from the Medical Device Industry

For those that missed our series on leverging Lessons Learned from the Medical Device Industry and wish to see read up on it:

Part I Quality is all about the User Experience

How small changes can help your wearable achieve the success it needs.

Part II Tools to Learn From Others

How to access existing data to incorporate into design and development to learn from past mistakes.

Part III Labeling Description

How to sequence the information and the order of the subsections, so that users better understand the device and therefore increase the adoption of the device.

Part IV Labeling Operation and Troubleshooting

How to leverage existing information

Part V Learning and Education

What details to provide, so users have the ability to learn and educate themselves on the supporting information.

-- Vizma Carver, Founder and CEO, Carver Global Health Group LLC and ClearRoadmap™